20 Amazing Reflections on Water

Capturing a great image using the lens of a cam:

Light is one of the most important aspect of a photograph. Whether the photographer utilizes natural light or a flash—the type, amount and location of the light source should always be considered. Different lighting can change the entire appearance of a photograph.

The bright sun can create deep shadows on the face and intensify wrinkles, scars and blemishes. When taking pictures on sunny days, it’s a good idea to use your flash to lighten your subject’s face and reduce unattractive shadows.

Overcast days often provide pleasing results without the use of a flash or other artificial light sources. If you do use a flash, try the camera’s fill–flash mode if it has one. The flash will lighten the subject’s appearance and make it stand out.

When using a flash, make sure the subject is within the flash’s range. Most cameras have a range of up to 15 feet. Check your owner’s manual for the specifics on your camera’s flash range. To be safe, don’t position your subjects further than 10 feet away.

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