El Capricho de Gaudí - Cantabria, Spain

El Capricho is a building designed in 1883 by architect Catalan Antoni Gaudí and built under the direction of his assistant Cascante i Colom Cristòfor in the town Cantabrian of Comillas . His real name is Villa Quijano , but he applied the name Caprice for being commissioned by Máximo Díaz de Quijano , brother of the Marquis of Comillas , he wanted a summer residence of oriental type. The works were made ​​between 1883 and 1885 .

Gaudí had been assistant Joan Martorell in Sobrellano Palace of the Marquis of Comillas, where furniture had projected the palace chapel. 1 Thus was commissioned a small hotel attached to the palace, El Capricho. Gaudí carried out a project of oriental style, alongside his contemporary work in the Casa Vicens in Barcelona , probably was inspired by a project to a pier had during college, in 1876 .

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