Vintgar Gorg, Slovenia

The Bled Gorge or Vintgar Gorge is a 1.6-kilometre (0.99 mi) gorge located in Slovenia in the Municipality of Gorje near the settlement of Zgornje Gorje, four kilometers northwest of Bled. Carved by the Radovna River, the sheer canyon walls are 50 to 100 metres (160 to 330 ft) high, with a total slope measuring about 250 m (820 ft). The stream has created many erosive features such as pools and rapids, and terminates in the picturesque 13 m (43 ft) Šum Falls (literally, 'noisy falls').

Before the last ice age, the Radovna River flowed eastward. After being dammed by the ice and detritus of the Bohinj Glacier, the resulting lake cut a new path northeast through a soft layer of triassic limestone between the peaks Boršt (931 m or 3,054 ft) and Hom (844 m or 2,769 ft), towards the Upper Sava Valley.

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