La Muralla Roja - Calpe, Alicante, Spain

The Red Wall in Calpe in Spain is a building designed by architect Ricardo Bofill Levi located in the La Manzanera. Its construction was completed in 1973 but, in the words of the architect, the design started ten years ago. The configuration of the building, evoking the constructivist aesthetic, generates a series of interconnected courtyards where you can access to housing. In the covered terraces spread solariums, swimming pool and sauna.

Its composition corresponds to a geometric plan based on the Greek cross type are collected in different ways, leaving the service towers at the intersection of the crosses. In itself it is a clear reference to the Mediterranean and Arab architecture, particularly North African adobe towers and casbah . The criteria applied to building a diverse color range starts the purpose of giving a relief given to the different architectural elements according to their structural function.

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