Lake Campotosto - Abruzzi, Italy

Lake Campotosto is a man-made lake in the Abruzzo, Italy. The reservoir is located at an elevation of 1,313 m and comprises an area of 14 square kilometres. It is located in the natural park known as the "Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park". The lake is reachable via the Italian State Highway 80 from either L'Aquila or the Adriatic Coast. Smaller roads lead to Capitignano, Montereale and Amatrice.

A circular trail about 50 km in length run along the perimeter of Lake Campotosto. It is rather flat in nature. In the summer it serves as a gathering place for many hiking, jogging, bicycle touring or simple romantic walks during the sunset hours. Shorter excursions can be arranged by cutting off one of the two main branches of the lake. A bridge, Ponte delle Stecche ("The Bridge of Sticks") has been built in one of the narrower sections of the lake. An older unused structure stands nearby. The traveler using this bridge is also able to greatly shorten his lakeside.

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