Fletcher Building - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Along the busy dutch A2 highway stands an impressively slender cylindrical tower complete with a double-skin facade and enclosed by circular gates. Benthem crouwel architects designed an extremely efficient and compact space, spanning a mere 24 meters in plan. all vertical circulation is concentrated in the core of the structure, with some 120 rooms encircling the stairs and elevators. the seventeenth floor houses a 'sky restaurant' that boasts unobstructed, uniquely panoramic views of the city. the complementary 'sky lounge' contains the first whaletone piano in the netherlands.  designed by robert majkut, the monochrome, lacquered 4-meter-long piano had to be lifted via crane into the building before completion and now creates a striking reflection on the curved glazing of the lounge. Along with a foliage-covered car park, this double glass shell provides excellent thermal insulation, contributing to the building's greencalc b certification, a sustainability mapping tool used in conjunction with BREEAM. quirk, scale and environmental sensitivity combine to create an exclamation point for Amsterdam.

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