Town Hall Square, Solingen - Düsseldorf, Germany

Landscape Architecture: scape Landschaftsarchitekten, Düsseldorf, Germany
Project name: Town Hall Square
Location: Solingen, Germany
Completion date: 2008 (1st building phase)
Area: 21.000m2
Cost: 900.000€
Client: SEPA Projekt- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Berlin/Stuttgart
Architecture: EPA Architekten, Stuttgart, Germany

In 1993 the city council of Solingen, an industrial town in central Germany, decided to merge all the municipal services administration offices in one new building. In this context it was decided to create a new quarter, composed of the municipal buildings, housing, shops, gastronomy and offices. To receive innovative solutions for a new kind of municipal district the city of Solingen advertised an architectural / landscape architectural competition.

The winning design defines the whole area as an urban landscape, a perceptibly continuous public space. The concept is characterized by an intense interaction of architecture and open space. So the Town Hall Square becomes an urban living room, the connecting access road turns into a linear pocket park and the courtyards into public gardens. For the designers the objective was to create the town hall district as an open space for all citizens, a place where people meet and spend their time. A network of squares and promenades connects the scheme to the surrounding.

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