Spiral High-Rise by Architect Conrad Roland

About Conrad Roland:

Conrad Roland is a German architect and pioneer of the construction of spacenets (tensile structures), which primarily are to be found as rope climbing frames on playgrounds. In 1978 he designed and constructed the biggest spacenet of the world until today, the Super Four Mast Spacenet, for the Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA).

Roland was born in München. After his final secondary-school examinations, he completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter. From 1954 until 1963 he studied architecture at TH Munich, at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and at TU Berlin. During his studies from 1959 till 1961 he was an assistant in Mies van der Rohe's office in Chicago.

In 1963 Roland began to work self-employed in Berlin. He mainly compiled studies, projects and documentations on Hanging-houses and Spacenets. The plans for the construction of a sports stadium in Abu Dhabi, which he developed in co-operation with Jörn-Peter Schmidt-Thomsen in the 1960s, won the tendering competition, but has never been realized.

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